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David Mandell

Four Common Pitfalls in a Qualified Retirement Plan

OJM Group has reviewed many qualified retirement plans (QRPs) for businesses and professional practices, including…
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Bob Peelman

Range of Stock Outcomes Narrows with Longer Time Horizon

Global equity markets climbed the last two trading days of October to finish out an…
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Carole Foos

2018 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

As fall weather descends upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about the…
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Bob Peelman

Third Quarter 2018 | Key Takeaways

Larger-cap US stocks hit new highs in late September and gained 7.7% for the quarter,…
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Bob Peelman

Performance Gap Widens Between U.S. and Emerging-Market Stocks

September 2018 Monthly Market Commentary US stock performance was strong in August and several major…
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Jason O'Dell

How to Choose an Investment Advisor? Three Mistakes to Avoid

Over the last few years, many investors have re-examined not only their investment assumptions, but…
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Jason O'Dell

Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standards

One of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime is who…
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Bob Peelman

Investors Focus on Strong Q2 Corporate Earnings | August 2018 Market Update

Global stocks had a strong start to the second half of the year as the…
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Bob Peelman

Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy: An Effective Step Toward Tax Diversification

Tax diversification is a planning concept that we stress in our books, and in our…
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Bob Peelman

Surging Dollar Drives Gains for U.S. Stocks | OJM Q2 Investment Commentary

Market Recap As we pause to reflect at the midpoint of the year, it seems…
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Bob Peelman

Second Quarter 2018 | OJM Key Takeaways

US stocks rose to the top of asset class performance charts with solid returns in…
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Andrew Taylor

Are Floating Rate Funds a Suitable Solution in a Rising Rate Environment?

During the last several years, investors and advisors have faced challenges in their attempts to…
Bob Peelman

Losses in International Markets Contrast Positive Domestic Returns

June 2018 Monthly Market Commentary Geopolitical news dominated headlines throughout May, from steel and aluminum…
Bob Peelman

May 2018 Investment Commentary: Markets Find Reprieve from First Quarter Losses

April provided a reprieve for U.S. stocks after back-to-back monthly losses in February and March.…
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Jason O'Dell

Strategies to Reduce Volatility and Improve Tax Efficiency

Many investors believe that the primary goal of diversification is to hedge against risk and…
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Market Correction Tests Investors’ Risk Tolerance

Market Recap Volatility returned to the financial markets in the first quarter, for the first…
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David Mandell

Asset Protection: A Matter of Degree

As an attorney and consultant for more than two decades, I have advised many on…
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Volatility Index Rises Following February Market Correction

After a volatile month of trading, which witnessed the first 10 percent market correction since…
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Jason O'Dell

Investment Alternatives to Reduce Portfolio Risk

Most investors have concerns about the global economy. We are almost a decade removed from…
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February Investment Commentary: Volatility Returns After Record-Setting January

As we write this, markets are off to a jittery start in February, with the…
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Six Tax Reduction Strategies to Enhance Portfolio Performance

Individuals in the highest income tax brackets may have been presented with an unpleasant surprise…
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2017 Year-End Investment Commentary and Outlook for 2018

Looking Back: Key Drivers of Our 2017 Portfolio Performance Our globally diversified balanced (stock/bond) portfolios…
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2017 Key Takeaways: Corporate Earnings Growth Drives Stellar Year for U.S. Stocks

The fourth quarter capped yet another stellar year for U.S. stocks. Larger-cap U.S. stocks gained…
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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What You Need to Know

Congress enacted sweeping tax reform in December which has widespread effects on both individuals and…
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December Investment Commentary: YTD Gains Exceed 20 Percent for Larger-Cap U.S. Stocks

U.S. stocks continued to charge ahead in November: domestic larger caps rose 3.1 percent (Vanguard…
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November Investment Commentary: October Challenges Precedent for Autumn Volatility

U.S. stocks continued their upward march in October. Larger-cap stocks (Vanguard 500 Index) returned 2.3…

Third Quarter Investment Commentary

For the quarter, our globally diversified balanced portfolios generated attractive returns as all the major…

Global Markets Rally Again: Third Quarter Key Takeaways

Despite its reputation as the worst seasonal period for stocks, global stock markets rallied again.…

Time in the Market: More Important than Timing the Market

Most U.S. stock indices are at all-time highs, but what does that mean for your…
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September Investment Commentary: Market Continues Longest Streak of Monthly Gains Since the Mid-1990s

U.S. stocks finished August largely unchanged. The final day of trading brought the market into…
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How Much Are You Paying Your Advisor?

A recent survey by Cerulli Associates and Phoenix Marketing International found that nearly two out…
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Is It Time to “Refi” Your Life Insurance?

When interest rates fall, homeowners should consider refinancing their mortgages when the long-term savings from…
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August Investment Commentary: Market Delivers Seventh Consecutive Month of Positive Gains

U.S. stocks continued their upward march in July, shrugging off political upheaval in Washington D.C.…
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Do I Really Need an Investment Advisor?

The Nine Reasons Investors Underperform Without Professional ManagementThere are multiple layers to the question: do…
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Wise Investing: The Key to Building Wealth During Today’s Bull Markets, Bear Markets and Corrections

You have heard – those who refuse to learn history, are doomed to repeat it.…

Improving Your After-Tax Financial Efficiency: Two Strategies for Recapturing Dollars Left on the Table

Unfortunately, many business owners and entrepreneurs do not operate their businesses with optimal after-tax efficiency.…