investing during covid-19

Staying the Course

Tensions have been high since March for all investors. For the first time ever, many…
stock market quarterly report q2 2020
Bob Peelman

July Market Update and Key Takeaways From Q2

For most of the second quarter, financial markets seemed to defy grim economic news, the…
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Why is the Stock Market Going Up When Economic News Looks Grim?

Many of our clients, like investors across the country, are asking this important question: How…
financial planning

Six Financial Actions to Take During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has created a significant financial setback for almost all physicians, business owners…
surviving the coronavirus recession

A Business’s 8 Step Prescription for Surviving the Coronavirus Recession

OJM is pleased to share the following timely article authored by CPA Crystal Faulkner of…

Current Thoughts on Coronavirus and Market Volatility

The coronavirus outbreak is still progressing, and its full health and economic impacts are clearly not yet apparent. We expect to have…
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David Mandell

Are You Taking Advantage of Two Everyday Tax-Favored Assets?

Like everyone we have ever worked with, you likely want to reduce your taxes as…
financial planning for young families
Money Milestones

Money Milestones: Starting a Family

Major life events often trigger important questions about money and can significantly impact long-term financial…
Bob Peelman

Yield Curve Inversions Explained

“Yield curve inversion” has been in the news lately. You may be wondering exactly what…
Tax Return_Corp_Individual
David Mandell

2019 Year-End Tax Tips

Although many taxpayers have just completed and filed their 2018 tax returns, it is already…
Adam Braunscheidel

Money Milestones: Getting Married

Major life events often trigger important questions about money and can significantly impact long-term financial goals.…
David Mandell

Increase Tax Deductions and Boost Retirement Savings with a Cash Balance Plan

A Cash Balance Plan is a Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP) that can provide physicians and…
David Mandell

The Advisor Advantage

Seven Benefits Your Advisor Should Bring to Your Portfolio “Do I really need help—or can…
Real Estate Tax Planning
David Mandell

Reduce Lawsuit Risks and Minimize Tax Liabilities of Owning Real Estate

Although real estate is a common investment, few real estate owners have implemented the proper…
David Mandell

Tax Day Tips: Plan Now for April 2020

Do you realize that, after the recent tax reform-- between income, capital gains, Medicare, self-employment…
Is Your Retirement Plan a Liability Trap_
David Mandell

Is Your Retirement Plan a Liability Trap?

Why A 401(k) Can Cause Liability for Employers and How to Mitigate This Risk The…
David Mandell

Three Strategies to Implement for a Retirement-Ready Future

An effective retirement plan cannot simply be established at the start of one’s career and…
tax form with tax stamp

Opportunity Zones Offer New Tax Savings and Investment Options

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contained a unique benefit for taxpayers (particularly…
retirement graphic
David Mandell

Four Common Pitfalls in a Qualified Retirement Plan

OJM Group has reviewed many qualified retirement plans (QRPs) for businesses and professional practices, including…
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Bob Peelman

Range of Stock Outcomes Narrows with Longer Time Horizon

Global equity markets climbed the last two trading days of October to finish out an…
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Carole Foos

2018 Year-End Tax Planning Tips

As fall weather descends upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about the…
financial advisor team
Jason O'Dell

How to Choose an Investment Advisor? Three Mistakes to Avoid

Over the last few years, many investors have re-examined not only their investment assumptions, but…
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Jason O'Dell

Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standards

One of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime is who…
roth ira piggy bank calculator
Bob Peelman

Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy

Tax diversification is a planning concept that we stress in our books, and in our…
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Andrew Taylor

Floating Rate Funds

During the last several years, investors and advisors have faced challenges in their attempts to…
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Jason O'Dell

Strategies to Reduce Volatility and Improve Tax Efficiency

Many investors believe that the primary goal of diversification is to hedge against risk and…
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David Mandell

Asset Protection: A Matter of Degree

As an attorney and consultant for more than two decades, I have advised many on…
chart showing market volatility

Volatility Index Rises Following February Market Correction

After a volatile month of trading, which witnessed the first 10 percent market correction since…
portfolio chart
Jason O'Dell

Investment Alternatives to Reduce Portfolio Risk

Most investors have concerns about the global economy. We are almost a decade removed from…
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February Investment Commentary: Volatility Returns After Record-Setting January

As we write this, markets are off to a jittery start in February, with the…
reviewing portfolio charts

Six Tax Reduction Strategies to Enhance Portfolio Performance

Individuals in the highest income tax brackets may have been presented with an unpleasant surprise…
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2017 Year-End Investment Commentary and Outlook for 2018

Looking Back: Key Drivers of Our 2017 Portfolio Performance Our globally diversified balanced (stock/bond) portfolios…
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2017 Key Takeaways: Corporate Earnings Growth Drives Stellar Year for U.S. Stocks

The fourth quarter capped yet another stellar year for U.S. stocks. Larger-cap U.S. stocks gained…
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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Congress enacted sweeping tax reform in December which has widespread effects on both individuals and…
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December Investment Commentary: YTD Gains Exceed 20 Percent for Larger-Cap U.S. Stocks

U.S. stocks continued to charge ahead in November: domestic larger caps rose 3.1 percent (Vanguard…
laptop with charts and graphs

November Investment Commentary: October Challenges Precedent for Autumn Volatility

U.S. stocks continued their upward march in October. Larger-cap stocks (Vanguard 500 Index) returned 2.3…