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Surging Dollar Drives Gains for U.S. Stocks | OJM Q2 Investment Commentary

By OJM Investment Management Team on July 13, 2018

Market Recap As we pause to reflect at the midpoint of the year, it seems so far 2018 has served as yet another reminder to investors that over the short term, markets are driven by innumerable and often random factors that are impossible to consistently predict. In the first quarter, US stocks experienced their first

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Second Quarter 2018 | OJM Key Takeaways

By OJM Investment Management Team on July 13, 2018

US stocks rose to the top of asset class performance charts with solid returns in the second quarter. Larger-cap US stocks gained 3.4 percent, but were outdone by smaller-cap stocks, which jumped 7.9 percent. The smaller-cap outperformance was driven by the market narrative du jour that smaller companies are more domestically focused and therefore not

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Are Floating Rate Funds a Suitable Solution in a Rising Rate Environment?

By Andrew Taylor, CFP® on July 13, 2018

During the last several years, investors and advisors have faced challenges in their attempts to design suitable portfolios.  If you are reading headlines and listening to financial news programs, you may be confused by the prior statement.  We are consistently reminded by the media that major stock indices are reaching record highs nearly every month. 



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