Education is the foundation of our approach.

Whether it is the continuing education of our own team members or our commitment to deliver lectures, webcasts, books and articles for our clients, organizations and more, education is at the center of the work we do. We are dedicated to providing our clients with resources to support the decisions they will make with their financial future.


scenic beach side home for physician during retirement
Bob Peelman

Retiring Well for Today’s Physician

How does a physician “retire well”?  That answer, unsurprisingly, has been changing over time. Historically,…


stop watch on a table

Planning Updates for Practice Owners & Doctorpreneurs

With markets at an all-time high, many investors may seek strategies that try to “time…


Banner image for podcast episode featuring Ethan Nkana, JD, MBA and Dr. Erica Mathieu
Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician Podcast

Negotiating The Contract You Deserve (Part 2)

In this continuing episode, host David Mandell sits down with Ethan Nkana, JD, MBA, founder…