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OJM Group is a multidisciplinary wealth management firm. Our partners and team members have worked with hundreds of physicians and high-net-worth clients across the U.S., and have authored more than a dozen books on all aspects of wealth management.

We help you develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive plan that supports all aspects of your financial well-being and helps you achieve the lifestyle to which you aspire.


doctor writing prescription for financial wellness - financial guide for physicians and doctors
David Mandell

Achieving Financial Wellness: A Guide for Physicians

The term “wellness” has become increasingly popular in the general public at large, and within…


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Tax Planning Updates

With markets at an all-time high, many investors may seek strategies that try to “time…


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Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician Podcast

Negotiating The Contract You Deserve (Part 2)

In this continuing episode, host David Mandell sits down with Ethan Nkana, JD, MBA, founder…