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OJM Group is a multidisciplinary wealth management firm. Our principals and team members have worked with over 1,000 clients in 48 states and have authored over a dozen books on all aspects of wealth management.

We help you develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive plan that supports all aspects of your financial well-being and helps you achieve the lifestyle to which you aspire.


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David Mandell

Health Savings Accounts

Investors are likely aware of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and their use by patients and…


employees on zoom call

The New & Expanded Employee Rentention Credit

Nearly all taxpayers are looking for legitimate tools to reduce taxes. The Employee Retention Credit…


banner image for physicians wealth podcast with guests dr. sanjeev bhatia and dr. matthew provencher
Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician Podcast

Strategically Evaluate & Negotiate Potential Jobs

In this episode, David welcomes back two guests from earlier seasons—orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia…