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MedEcon3Every physician should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are you concerned about declining reimbursements and increasing taxes?
  • Do you get consistent tax-saving ideas from your present advisors?
  • Have you engaged in asset protection planning for both personal and practice assets?
  • Are your insurances and investments implemented in a tax-savvy manner and
    coordinated with other areas of your planning?
  • Are you presently working with a firm whose team helped hundreds of physicians
    during the past 20 years?

As a physician, you know that declining reimbursements, along with increasing taxes and overhead, mean that, today more than ever before, you must focus on building and preserving your wealth. At OJM Group, we have built a national reputation as an elite firm dedicated to helping doctors find solutions to this challenge.

Our advisors have written over 10 books for doctors, including For Doctors Only: A Guide to Working Less & Building More, as well as state and specialty-specific resources and CME materials.  We have written over 100 articles for physician-focused periodicals, from numerous specialty journals to state and national periodicals, and delivered lectures at many state and national medical meetings.

Most importantly, our firm is focused on helping our physician clients reduce their tax liability while building and preserving wealth.  Through our consulting work, benefits and insurance division, and asset management services, we help physicians throughout the country every day.

To learn more about OJM Group and what we do, we encourage you to view the website further, including our books and articles, or contact us to schedule a free consultation.



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