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Finding Financial Advisors with David Mandell

OJM Group Partner David Mandell, J.D., MBA was a guest on Nailed It Ortho: The Orthopaedic Surgery Podcast.  In this episode, David discusses when and how orthopedists can find the right Financial Advisor who can meet their wealth management needs. He shared some informative points on queries regarding finance, such as:

  • The 3 key elements of wealth planning that are applicable for young physicians, even those in training.
  • The importance of savings.
  • Finding a financial advisor that is right for you.
  • What’s your number one rule when advising a physician on finding an advisor?
  • What is a fiduciary?
  • Four key questions we can ask a financial advisor.
  • And more

Listen to the episode on the Nailed It Ortho website, or click the player below. The episode is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.