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Listen in as David chats with Jerry Kelsheimer and Ronnen Isakov, President and Managing Director of Medic Management Group, a national “one stop” solution for healthcare management.

David, Jerry and Ronnen examine several aspects of the business of medicine, including ways that Medic Management Group helps physicians and medical practices. They discuss what “thinking like an entrepreneur” means for physicians and the questions entrepreneurial practice owners should ask. The also cover risks inherent to today’s medical practice, exit planning and more.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • What Medic Management Group does and how both Jerry and Ronnen help physicians and medical groups on a daily basis
  • What does “thinking like an entrepreneur” mean for doctors and why it may be more important for physicians today than in the past
  • The risks inherent in the practice of medicine
  • The critical questions entrepreneurial physician practice leaders should be asking
  • Tactical areas such as payer mix analysis, referral sources and marketing to assess the health of a practice now and for the future
  • The importance of strategic planning and how their group encourages clients to create written strategic plans
  • Success factors when considering a practice exit


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Jerry Kelsheimer: Bio
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