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In this episode, dermatologist and fellow podcaster Dr. Jen Haley joins David to discuss various topics.

Listen in as Jen explains how her upbringing influenced her decision to become a physician and why she shifted specialties during her training. Jen then shares how a few unplanned significant decisions have shaped her career and financial life, from joining the military and serving as VIP dermatologist at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to joining a private practice in a small town and then a virtual telemedicine practice with involvement in various ventures. Jen also reveals a few important financial habits and philosophies which have allowed her to become financially independent now and practice in a way that fits her lifestyle.

Finally, Jen describes her Radiance Revealed podcast and gives a few key pieces of financial advice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Jen went into medicine and her path to dermatology
  • How she ended up in the military and what she learned there
  • Her experience owning real estate, during her training in San Diego
  • Jen’s positions at the VIP dermatologist at the Capitol in D.C. and on base in Pearl Harbor and what they taught her
  • What financial habits Jen learned from her mother, including living below one’s means and the importance of investing
  • Jen’s decision to move to private practice in Western Colorado
  • Jen’s present situation, where she goes back between Scottsdale, AZ and Park City, UT and why financial independence is key to her ability to do some telemedicine and work with entrepreneurial ventures
  • Why she launched her podcast and what it is about
  • Jen’s key financial lessons – from the power of incremental steps to the importance of not putting happiness on hold, especially for physicians


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Dr. Jen Haley: Bio
Dr. Haley’s Podcast: Radiance Revealed