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In this episode, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Domb joins David to discuss his career path, running a large subspecialty practice and the award he and the practice recently won.

Listen in as Ben explains how he always wanted to be a sports medicine orthopaedic surgeon, even though he comes from a family of professional musicians. Ben and David then discuss the financial challenges of physicians during training, Ben’s decision-making process in choosing his first job, and the importance of a “privademic” environment to him.

Next David and Ben discuss Ben’s decision to move his Foundation from the original practice and form a new hip-only clinical practice alongside it. They discuss Ben’s role in his practice, his hiring of a CEO, and the importance of being “mission-focused.”

David then asks Ben about the circumstances around his winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2021 Midwest Award. Finally, David and Ben discuss the One Thing he would tell younger physicians.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Ben has a Yogi Berra quote at the bottom of his email signature
  • What prompted Ben to go into orthopaedics, coming from a family of professional musicians
  • Ben’s thoughts about finance during training and the stress it causes many doctors at that stage of career
  • Why Ben chose his initial job out of training and the importance of a “privadenic” environment
  • What prompted Ben to break out into a “hip only” sub-specialty practice and move the hip research foundation along with it
  • Lessons Ben learned from an entrepreneurial perspective while running a successful sub-speciality practice
  • The importance of hiring good people, from the physicians to the CEO, and all other team members
  • What Ben sees as the Mission for his mission-driven practice
  • The genesis of Ben’s winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2021 Midwest Award and what he learned from that experience
  • Ben’s One Thing for younger physicians to know


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Benjamin Domb: Bio