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4 Best Practices & More with Jessica Nunn, CPA

Listen in as David chats with CPA and financial consultant Jessica Nunn. David and Jessica discuss Jessica’s initial interest in finance and accounting, including her education and initial jobs with larger firms working with public companies.

David and Jessica then dive into Jessica’s decision to go out on her own to help smaller clients like medical and dental practices and their owners. Then Jessica discusses how she helps practice owner clients today, giving some real examples of challenges that arise and how to improve processes and profitability.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jessica gravitated into finance and her program for a joint degree
  • Her experience initially working at a large CPA firm with very large corporate clients
  • Jessica’s move to a middle-market firm where she began working with small business clients like medical and dental practices; and her move out on her own to continue this work
  • Why holistic planning is so important for dental and medical practice owners
  • Examples of how Jessica works as an outsourced CFO for many of her clients and what she is doing for them on a daily basis
  • Why so many physicians and dentists don’t really understand what’s going on financially inside of their practice
  • The importance of setting a plan and then tracking against it and digging into what is off and why
  • Jessica’s 4 best practices for financial management of a medical or dental practice
  • How Jessica begins with potential clients – a complimentary financial assessment


Jessica Nunn is a partner at Maven Financial Partners who takes pride in her experience helping business owners and their families increase their financial awareness. Over the course of her career, Jessica has built trust with her clients by making the complex simple; she delivers financial solutions that are meaningful and relevant to her clients’ lives and businesses.

Jessica provides small businesses and their owners a holistic financial perspective. Her clients sleep well at night because they can rely on Jessica to guide them through the complicated aspects of their lives