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In this episode, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Erik Nuveen joins David to discuss his career path, his practice’s growth, what he has learned about the business of medicine in building a cosmetic surgery platform.

Erik begins by explaining his dual trainings and degrees in dentistry and medicine and how his family background shaped both his medical/dental career and his entrepreneurial spirit.

David and Erik then focus on Erik’s practice – its organic growth over the years, how that growth left him with a dilemma, and his thought process on solving the dilemma by creating a larger cosmetic surgery platform.

Erik explains his process of bringing his entrepreneurial vision to reality, which became like a real-life MBA, as well as an enormous commitment of time and energy. Erik delves into a few lessons he learned from the process – from dealing only with firms that understand healthcare, to the value of “real pros” as your advisors.

Erik’s share the challenges he faced and lessons learned from operating a platform with varied offices around the country and recruiting or acquiring new practices. The episode concludes with Erik offering some high level advice for colleagues.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Erik’s family background in dentistry and orthodontics
  • His decision to pursue both medical and dental training
  • His father’s entrepreneurial spirit… and how that has impacted his career
  • Why Erik deemed it important to take his name off the practice name early on
  • How Erik’s practice grew from the outset
  • The dilemma Erik faced after the practice had significant growth
  • The influence Eriks’ brother-in-law had on his business thinking
  • Erik’s process of reaching out to private equity firms and fellow colleagues to build the vision of a cosmetic platform
  • Important lessons Erik learned in dealing with finance firms in launching his platform about financial firms, attorneys and other advisors
  • How to deal with the “psychotherapy of physicians” in communicating with partners
  • Erik’s lessons he is learning as he operates and grows the platform nationally
  • The importance of trust when taking on new physician partners
  • Erik’s key pieces of advice for his fellow physicians


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