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Host David Mandell chats with Dr. Jordan Romano in Episode 4.4 of the podcast. Jordan talks about his career, how he became involved in working as a medical expert witness, grew the work into a business, and now advises other physicians who are interested in this potential “side hustle.”

Jordan begins with the story of how he ended up in medicine and at Harvard and Mass General, as well as the non-traditional steps he took along the way. He relates why business was in his blood, given his family background in banking and finance.

Jordan covers how and why he first jumped into the field of medical expert witnessing, what he liked about it initially and what it took to turn it into a real business. He also shares what he sees as the most significant challenges to growing the business.

Jordan then discusses his current work in advising and coaching physicians looking to get into this space, what doctors typically can earn in the field, and common mistakes he sees physicians make when starting out.

Jordan wraps up the episode with his big picture advice for physicians considering this type of work.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where Jordan grew up and his initial path into medicine
  • The risk he took by putting just one residency program down for the Match
  • Why business was in his blood -given his family background in banking and finance
  • How and why Jordan first began working as an expert witness
  • The valuable tip a colleague at Harvard gave to Jordan about networking with busy people
  • How he “limped along” with the work initially
  • What he liked about expert witnessing even in the beginning and why he thinks it makes him a better doctor
  • His revelation about turning the work into a real business
  • What Jordan sees as the key challenges in building this business
  • Why Jordan now also works to coach physicians looking to get into medical expert witnessing
  • What physicians can typically earn doing this work
  • Common mistakes doctors make when starting out
  • Jordan’s big picture advice for physicians considering this type of work


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