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Watch or listen in as host David Mandell speaks with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Cole. David and Brian begin the discussion with an overview of Brian’s career journey, his decision to earn an M.B.A. and his thoughts on the importance of business acumen in the medical field.


(Video Available March 7, 2024)

David asks Brian about the unique structure of his practice and academic work and then his experience working as team physician for a number of Chicago’s professional sports teams – both the pros and the cons.

Brian and David then chat about Brian’s involvement in healthcare-related businesses and why he focuses on business activity that relates to what he is doing medically.  They also discuss Brian’s leadership roles in professional societies, including what his advice is for the young physicians he trains or speaks to on career, financial, and business matters.

Finally, Brian tells David and the audience about his own podcast, Sports Medicine Weekly.


Takeaway: The importance of business acumen and asset protection for physicians

In the conversation, Dr. Cole underscored the importance of financial acumen and asset protection for physicians. He highlighted the lack of these skills among many physicians and stressed the need for more education in these areas.

According to Cole, “Physicians almost need an agent who’s responsible to help them make these decisions, and unfortunately, there’s just not a lot of known assets to our young people to how to get this done”. He also mentioned the importance of understanding various financial aspects such as “marital affairs”, “how you protect your assets”, and “what you choose, term versus whole life insurance”, among others.

He also suggested that young physicians should seek out resources like The Doctors Agents, which David mentioned, a company that provides tools to physicians who are either taking their first job or changing jobs. Cole emphasized the importance of financial education and guidance, stating that “those things are important. Hopefully between you and us and others, we can bring more education to the young docs on that”.

Takeaway: The value of leadership roles in professional societies for personal growth and career development

Dr. Cole advocated for young physicians to seek leadership roles in professional societies. He stressed that these roles provide opportunities for personal growth, career development, and giving back to the profession.

Cole commented, “Most of my focus has been in my leadership role is to provide opportunities for younger people that were provided to me by the people that I respected, that were my mentors and that were my role models.” He also mentioned that leadership roles offer the chance to work with smart people, build consensus, and learn new skills.

He advised young physicians to start early and to grab the opportunities that come their way. As he put it, “The young people should turn to the societies to look for those opportunities, to learn about leadership, to participate, get on committees, become committee chairs, try to get on the program committees and do the same things that they look to others in terms of what they’ve been doing.”


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