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In this episode, gastroenterologist and entrepreneur Mukul Mehra, MD joins the program to discuss his career journey and business pursuits.

Listen in as Mukul explains his financial choices on schools to attend, job selection and how he sought the right financial firm to guide him. He and David also discuss how Mukul’s time away from the practice led to insights which culminated in his successful healthcare company and the importance of finding the right mentor in business.

Finally, Mukul gives his advice to physicians – on protecting one’s time and taking risks.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Mukul switched from an engineering path to medicine
  • His financial decision to move from a private to public university
  • Mukuls’ concerns about giving up academic pursuits for private practice
  • How he ended up contacting OJM Group
  • Why a trip to Bali allowed him to launch Illumicare, a successful healthcare business
  • The importance of finding a mentor in business
  • Why he went to an attorney when first starting out on the entrepreneurial path


  • David Mandell: Bio
  • Mukul Mehra: Bio