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In this episode, David welcomes back two guests from earlier seasons—orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia and Dr. Matthew Provencher.  Sanjeev and Matt join David to discuss a new venture they’ve founded, along with David, called The Doctors Agents (TDA).

Sanjeev and Matt begin with how they identified a need in the marketplace for physicians to know more and achieve better results when evaluating and negotiating jobs.  They discuss their personal stories and those they have seen from colleagues and fellows they train and delve into the reasons many physicians tend to evaluate jobs on their own, without the benefit of data, tools or professionals.

Sanjeev introduces TDA and describes how it helps physicians seeking their first job out of training or changing jobs. David explains a bit about two on-demand tools that TDA provides 24/7/365 – a financial model for evaluating one or more jobs financially and an AI-based contract review.

Matt comments on the importance of TDA’s work to vet experts in medical contract law and financial planning as part of their offering for physicians.

David and Sanjeev then discuss how the financial model and AI contract review tools could be valuable even for physicians who are not changing jobs – from helping them map out their financial plan and dealing with changes at the practice or hospital to taking advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities as they arise.

David wraps up with a review of the basic pricing for TDA’s various offerings in their Beta phase.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why both Sanjeev and Matt consider helping physicians with job evaluation and negotiation as key to improving job satisfaction and reducing burnout
  • Sanjeev’s story of choosing among jobs without a financial model and his experience in negotiating with the job he ultimately chose
  • The numbers on how many doctors evaluate job opportunities and negotiate contracts on their own – without the benefit of data, tools, or professionals
  • What The Doctors Agents is and how it helps physicians looking at their first job out of training or changing jobs
  • How the financial model developed by TDA can help physicians evaluate the financials of a potential job or compare jobs
  • How the TDA’s AI contract evaluation tool can help physicians get an on-demand review of their contract
  • Why The Doctors Agents thought it important to add vetted experts to their offering
  • How the financial model and AI contract review tools could be valuable for physicians not changing jobs
  • How TDA’s offering includes access to MGMA compensation data and why that is valuable
  • Basic pricing for The Doctors Agents’ various offerings in the Beta phase