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Listen in as guest host and OJM Group Co-Founder Jason O’Dell chats with Mark Grosvenor, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for NFP (National Financial Partners).In his discussion with Jason, Mark covers several important topics for physicians and medical practices, including cyber fraud involved with PPP loans (and practical steps to take to avoid it), what “social engineering” attacks are, what a business should do if they are a victim of cyber fraud. Mark also discusses ransomware and identifies what is typically the weakest cyber security link for a business. Finally, Mark offers tips that individuals and families can use to reduce their risk of hacks and identity theft.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The size of the cyber fraud industry worldwide
  • What cyber hackers are doing now regarding PPP loans and debt repayment and why emails or calls from your bank should be treated with care
  • Why cloud computing and social media present special risks
  • What “social engineering” attacks are
  • Why so few hackers are caught
  • What a business should do if they are a victim of cyber incident
  • How 2020 and the pandemic impacted cyber fraud
  • What ransomware is and how it works
  • That human error is typically the weakest security link for nearly all businesses
  • Five processes and tools that should be implemented by every business to combat human error


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