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To kick off Season 4 of the podcast, David welcomes a very special guest—his father, radiologist Dr. Charles Mandell.  David begins by asking Charlie, as he does with all physician guests, where he is from and what led him to become a physician in general and a radiologist in particular.

Charlie shares a bit about his first job out of training and his move to become chairman of a group radiology practice after a few years, including what he learned about the business of medicine.

David and Charlie discuss Charlie’s various entrepreneurial business ventures during this phase of his career, including real estate development and alternative energy.

Charlie then talks about the second phase of his career – a locums practice that has allowed him to travel around the U.S. and maintain an ideal work-life balance for him and his wife. He relates some advice to other physicians who may consider this option. Charlie also discusses the telemedicine-medical software firm he co-founded, which continues to operate and grow today.

The episode concludes with Charlie sharing some insights from 50 years in practice, why he still works and enjoys it, and what younger physicians should ponder when they consider their future retirement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Charles’ upbringing as the son of a physician and the guidance he was given from his father
  • His original interest in academic medicine
  • How Charlie took his first job in radiology without knowing what he would be paid
  • What he learned about the business of medicine while being chief of a growing radiology practice
  • Charlie’s interest in entrepreneurship and his ventures in real estate and alternative energy
  • How he came to learn that, even with easy money, bankers were not his friend
  • Charlie’s transition to a locums practice all over the U.S., what he enjoys about this type of work, and what other physicians should know about it
  • How Charlie co-founded a telemedicine company and how the firm has grown into what they do today
  • Charlie’s insights from 50 years of practice
  • His advice to physicians about their future and retirement


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Charles Mandell: Bio

Dr. Mandell has a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a medical degree from Tufts University. He began his practice in 1972 at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, RI. He was chairman of the radiology department for many years at Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River, MA and served as an assistant clinical professor of radiation medicine at Brown University.

He has been a serial entrepreneur in his career, starting multiple businesses in the fields of real estate, alternative energy and telemedicine. He is the co-founder of Umedex, Inc., a rapidly growing medical software, billing and telemedicine firm. He continues to practice radiology part-time, in his 51st year of practice – a milestone which few physicians achieve.