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Listen in as David chats with student loan expert Ryan Frailich. David and Ryan begin with Ryan’s career path — from a teacher to human resources professional to Certified Financial PlannerTM with an expertise and certification in student loans (CSLP).

David and Ryan then dive into student loans – discussing Income Driven Repayment plans, the pros and cons of private refinancing, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, and various factors that can impact an individual physician’s student loan management strategy.

Finally, Ryan gives his thoughts on how young physicians in practice should think about balancing the desire to pay off student loans with other financial goals.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Ryan’s personal history and how he gravitated to financial planning and student loan advising
  • The first question Ryan typically gets from young physicians and others with large student loan balances
  • Why there may be many options/variables to consider beyond just refinancing or not, or shortening the term or not
  • Why the federal student loan standard 10-year repayment plan typically doesn’t work for physicians in training
  • How Income Driven Repayment Plans (IDR plans) can solve the problem for many of these doctors
  • Negative amortization and why young physicians using IDRs need to know about it
  • The pros and cons of a private refinance of student loans
  • How a private refinance creates a “fork in the road” in terms of excluding qualification for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program
  • Why Ryan advises not to refinance if there’s a reasonable chance that you’re going to be working for a qualifying employer for PSLF.
  • What the PSLF is and how it works
  • Why Ryan thinks some of the media hype denigrating the PSLF is over-stated and how the program really does forgive billions in student loans
  • How determining the ideal student loan payback plan can be complicated if young physicians are married, what state they live in, if they move to another state while in their early career, etc. – these factors almost require an expert to advise
  • Why Ryan advises clients not to go to extremes when deciding how much savings to allocate to student loan repayment, investing or down payment on a home.


  • David Mandell: Bio
  • Ryan Frailich Bio