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In the second episode of Season 2, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Michael Ast joins David to discuss several topics.

Listen in as Michael explains his interest in becoming an orthopaedic surgeon following a college gymnastic career and his early exposure to business and finance.  Michael then describes his first job out of training and the unique focus that practice had on pro-active marketing – and lessons he took away from that experience that all doctors can implement.

Michael and David then discuss his move from that practice to the Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS) and what went into that decision.

Finally, Michael summarizes a lecture he gives on personal branding for physicians. He explains several key success factors that physicians can apply to build a strong brand in their community, encourage referrals and build a busy practice.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Michael went into medicine and his path to orthopaedic surgery
  • Michael’s exposure to business and finance early on
  • Lessons learned from Michael’s first job, including how to found a good situation (and avoid pitfalls) and that practice’s unique focus on marketing and garnering referrals from other providers
  • Michael’s move to HSS and what went into that decision
  • Key success factors for a physician’s personal branding, including Doing the Right Thing and understanding the market forces in your community and leveraging them
  • Projects Michael is involved with regarding HSS’s national and global expansion and physician education
  • Michael’s One Thing he would share with young physicians


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Michael Ast: Bio