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In this episode, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Scott Sigman joins David to discuss his career path, business and entrepreneurial endeavors, marketing, podcasts, and more.

Scott begins with his background – where he grew up, what got him interested in medicine and orthopaedics.  He explains how both of his parents were entrepreneurs and how he realized early on the need for leveraging the expertise of others.

David and Scott then discuss the important factors Scott considered when choosing his first job out of training and Scott’s view on the importance of branding and marketing, especially for younger physicians looking to build their practices.   Scott then relates the value he sees in finding great advisors and the importance of changing to new people if needed.

David and Scott then delve into Scott’s various entrepreneurial activities, from lasers in orthopaedic surgery, an orthopaedic mutual fund, the Ortho Show podcast, his #followthefro social media hashtag and more.

Finally, Scott gives David two important pieces of business advice for fellow physicians, especially younger doctors.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What interested Scott in medicine generally, and orthopaedics specifically, early on
  • His entrepreneurial family origins
  • Scott’s attitude about relying on the expertise of others
  • The two important factors Scott considered when selecting his first job out of training
  • Why Scott sees today’s “digital” practice as different than the “analog” practice when he started out
  • Scott’s attitude on the value of good advisors
  • How Scott’s clinical interest in opioid alternatives and lasers became a significant business opportunity
  • Scott’s idea of an orthopaedic mutual fund
  • How Scott became host of the Ortho Show podcast
  • Scott’s #followthefro social media following
  • Scott’s two pieces of advice for fellow physicians, especially younger docs