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Discussing his time in the U.S. Navy, working with the Patriots, the Steadman Clinic, and his Entrepreneurial Activities

In this episode, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Matthew Provencher joins David to discuss varied experiences he has had in his career.

Listen in as Matthew explains how he ended up in orthopaedics when his dream of being a Navy pilot didn’t work out.  He then explains his experience as a Naval surgeon, taking care of the SEALs and working on humanitarian missions and what he learned from those positions.

Matthew then chats with David about decision to leave the Navy.  Matthew left to become Chief of Sports Medicine at Mass General Hospital, associated with Harvard. He discusses his experiences and special challenges in academic medicine. David also asks Matthew about his position as team physician for the New England Patriots and what lessons Matthew learned from working with a championship NFL team.

Next, Matthew discusses his move from Boston to Vail and the Steadman Clinic—a world-renown orthopaedic practice.  They chat about the difference in being a part of a private practice and his experience in having that practice recently sold to a private equity firm.

Finally, David and Matthew discuss his involvement in entrepreneurial activities, his ongoing roles as part of these ventures and the One Thing he would tell younger physicians.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Matthew went into medicine when he couldn’t become a Navy pilot
  • Matthew’s roles in the Navy – taking care of the SEALs and working on humanitarian missions aboard the USNS Mercy
  • Matthew’s decision to leave the Navy and join Mass General/Harvard
  • His need for outside financial help as part of his decision and analysis of the new position
  • The challenges of performing in an academic medical model
  • Matthew’s experience in working with the New England Patriots and his relationship with Coach Bill Belichick
  • Matthew’s decision to leave Mass General/Harvard for the Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO
  • How private practice is different from his military and academic work
  • What Matthew learned as Steadman recently was recently sold to a private equity firm
  • Matthew’s roles in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and what he is learning from them
  • The One Thing Matthew would recommend young physicians learn early on


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Matthew Provencher: Bio