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In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Zwade Marshall, an Anesthesiologist & Pain Medicine physician, as well as Co-Founder and CEO of Doc2Doc Lending.

Zwade begins with his background – where he grew up and what got him interested in medicine. He then describes Doc2Doc Lending and how the company emerged from his own cash flow dilemma after matching to attend Harvard for residency and needing to move to Boston.

Zwade then shares more about the story behind Doc2Doc Lending – how they evaluate physician borrowers differently than banks do, how their program fared during COVID, and the rate at which they have been growing.

David and Zwade then discuss the misconceptions many doctors have around debt, including emotions connected to it and the stress created by debt during training and early years of practice. Zwade explains how Doc2Doc Lending has raised money from physicians in practice to make these loans – the “equity” side of the business.

Finally, Zwade offers his advice to physicians when it comes to debt and loans.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Zwade’s background and path into medicine
  • What Doc2Doc lending is
  • How the business idea began with his own need for a loan — when matching for residency — and his difficulty in getting one
  • Why Doc2Doc evaluates a physician borrower differently than a bank does
  • How the firm was impacted by COVID
  • SSomeA few growth statistics on the business
  • What Zwade sees as common misconceptions physicians often have around debt
  • How the time and financial costs of medical training create stress and expectations
  • The “equity” side of Doc2Doc Lending – how the firm raises funds from physicians and others to make their loans
  • Zwade’s one piece of advice to physicians about debt, interest and loans


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Zwade Marshall: Bio
Doc2Doc Lending