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Dr. Jeffrey Segal is a board-certified neurosurgeon, attorney and founder of Medical Justice, a physician-based organization focused on keeping doctors from being sued for frivolous reasons. He is also the founder of eMerit, which helps doctors protect and preserve their reputations—particularly online. Jeff joins the show today to discuss his journey from physician to CEO to attorney to CEO.

Listen in as he explains what is takes to launch a venture and why there are always lessons to learn from starting one—even if you fail. You’ll discover the importance of creating a great team around you – whether it terms of staff or advisors, how managing your online presence can help you not only overcome bad reviews but also positively add more patients, and Jeff’s advice for young physicians starting out.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jeff’s personal story that drove him to become a neurosurgeon
  • His experience transitioning from practicing physician to pharma CEO
  • Why becoming a lawsuit defendant lead him to launch Medical Justice
  • How Medical Justice helps doctors de-escalate potential conflicts so they don’t become lawsuits
  • Why one’s online reputation is so important for nearly all physicians – and how there is both a protection and marketing element to successful management
  • The ONE THING Jeff would advise young physicians about business and finance

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The solution to pollution is dilution.” – Jeffrey Segal

“The online world is what makes or breaks a practice.” – Jeffrey Segal

“No business—even if it fails—is a complete and total failure. Lessons are learned that can be applied later.” – Jeffrey Segal

Resources Mentioned: