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Brad Adatto is a partner at the law firm of ByrdAdatto, a national business and healthcare boutique law firm. As the son of a surgeon, and from a family of many dentists, Brad has a personal connection to the businesses of both medicine and dentistry. He has blended these life experiences to become a leading advocate for doctors and dentists throughout the United States.

In his discussion with David, Brad covers a number of important issues for listeners, including common compliance red flags in medical and dental private practices. Brad also dives briefly into HIPAA, Stark, and anti-kickback rules, and outlines important elements to recognize in 2021. Finally, Brad discusses a crucial success factor that every doctor should understand when working with their attorney.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Brad’s background led him to become an attorney
  • How he began representing physicians early in his career and never deviated
  • The types of matter he works on for physicians everyday
  • Advice for physicians involved in entrepreneurial activities
  • What doctors should know about HIPAA, Stark and anti-kickback rules in 2021
  • One crucial success factor that any doctor should follow when working with an attorney
  • The “One Thing” he would recommend for doctors starting out


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Brad Adatto: Bio