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Listen in as David chats with medical practice consultant Catherine Maley.

David begins introducing Catherine with her experience in working with cosmetic practices but points out that their discussion will include lessons for doctors in all types of practices.

Catherine starts with an explanation of what she does in her business with medical practices nationally and internationally. She then discusses what she is seeing in terms of important branding elements for all types of practices. Catherine then relates to David what she is seeing in terms of the best in medical practice marketing, from content marketing to reviews to texting. David and Catherine then tackle the challenge of staffing – getting the right people in the right positions and motivating the practice team once you have them.

David and Catherine conclude focusing on a few of her Top Ten Takeaways – lessons she has gleaned from the top 100 performing practices she has worked with over the years.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Catherine does in her business for practices around the world
  • Why branding matters to the patient experience
  • The importance of “knowing your patient” and “knowing thyself”
  • How content marketing has gained importance
  • The value of marketing that shows the physician’s personal side
  • The challenge – and some solutions – to finding the right people for your team
  • Where to find potential staff members
  • Why it is crucial to make the work environment fun for the staff and value them as assets
  • A few of Catherine’s “top ten” takeaways from the top 100 practices she has worked with over the years 


  • David Mandell: Bio
  • Catherine Maley Bio