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Listen in as David chats with former biotech corporate executive, multiple-time entrepreneur and medical practice consultant Louis Frisina. They begin by discussing Louis’s career path, from embarking on studies leading to both law and medicine and then shifting to a business career as a management consultant.

Louis then walks listeners through his biotech career—starting as an executive at a Swiss multi-national firm and then to Fisher Scientific—eventually deciding to leave the C-suites and join a small startup… and then another.

Louis then explains why he wanted to enter the field of aesthetic medicine and how he ended up working with physicians and medical practices as a consultant.

Finally, Louis provides a few insights on the best practices he sees in private medical practice and his current focus on the growing trend of regenerative medicine.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Louis’s experience in pre-med at Dartmouth, at Harvard Law School and then Harvard Business School
  • Working for Boston Consulting Group and then jumping into an executive position at a Swiss biotech firm
  • A funny story about how his company’s work in fertility medicine almost got him in trouble
  • His move to Fisher Scientific through their sale to a NYSE-listed firm
  • Why he left big business to join the startup GynoPharma and what his father had to say about it
  • His next move to a company called Collagenesis
  • Why Louis wanted to move into the emerging field of aesthetic medicine
  • How he began consulting with aesthetic medical practices on their operations
  • Louis’s 3 best practices for private aesthetic medical practices
  • The emergence of regenerative medicine and Louis’s work there


  • David Mandell: Bio
  • Louis Frisina: Bio