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In this episode, David speaks with Cleveland Clinic Florida orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Gilot and his collaborator “Your Financial Therapist” Erika Wasserman. Listen in as Greg outlines his traditional surgical training and career. Greg then discusses his interest in Financial Therapy and decision to pursue academic training in the field while continuing to practice orthopaedics. Erika covers her career journey from IBM to branding consultant to Financial Therapist, where she met Greg in the Kansas State Financial Therapy program.

Greg and Erika then explain the basics around Financial Therapy—what it is, how it differs from typical individual or couples therapy, and how physicians could benefit from a short course of Financial Therapy to alleviate many types of stresses that come with the student loans, the practice of medicine, marriage, etc.

Finally, Greg and Erika describe the process they have developed for physicians and each give one key piece of advice regarding finances and happiness.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Greg’s path as an orthopaedic surgeon and his duties at Cleveland Clinic Florida
  • Why Greg decided to pursue a certificate in Financial Therapy
  • Erika’s journey from IBM to becoming Your Financial Therapist
  • What Financial Therapy is and how it differs from traditional therapy
  • Why transitions are often where physicians see the impact of financial issues on their stress levels
  • How financial stress can present in physical symptoms—in ways that physicians do not even recognize in themselves
  • What a “Money Script” is and an example of Greg’s Money Script
  • The program Greg and Erika have developed for physicians
  • Erika’s advice for young physicians: “find an accountability partner”
  • Greg’s advice for young physicians: “live forward”


  • David Mandell: Bio
  • Greg Gilot, MD: Bio
  • Erika Wasserman: Bio