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In this episode, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Kevin Plancher joins David to discuss his academic and private practice career, experiences with finance and speaking alongside David at an upcoming orthopaedic meeting.

Listen in as Kevin explains how he ended up in orthopaedics when coming from a family in finance and building a department with other “young guns” in his first job out of training.  Kevin then talks about his decision to leave the hospital setting for his own practice after some years.

Next David and Kevin discuss his interest in academics and how Kevin balances his practice responsibilities with teaching positions at two medical schools. They then chat about a finance course where both David and Kevin will be speaking, as part of the Ortho Summit in Las Vegas in December.  Kevin explains why it is important to him to speak with fellow doctors about business and finance.

Finally, David and Kevin discuss the One Thing he would tell younger physicians and the One Thing he would counsel fellow experienced doctors.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What prompted Kevin to pursue medicine, coming from a family in finance
  • Why Kevin chose his initial job out of training
  • The positives and negatives of that position and his choice to leave for his own private practice
  • Kevin’s work as a professor at two academic institutions and how he balances those commitments with his practice
  • Why Kevin is excited to speak alongside David in a finance course at the Ortho Summit meeting in December
  • Why Kevin went back to school to get an MPH just recently
  • Kevin’s One Thing for younger physicians to know
  • Kevin’s One Thing for experienced physicians to consider


David Mandell: Bio
Dr. Kevin Plancher: Bio