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In this episode, anesthesiologist and fellow podcaster Dr. Richard Marn joins David to discuss various topics.

Listen in as Richard explains his decision to pursue anesthesiology, when he originally planned to be a surgeon, and his choice to leave a large academic institution after many years for solo private practice. They also discuss Richard’s and his wife’s investments in real estate and their search, with some successes and failures, to get tailored asset protection advice.

Finally, Richard explains his decision to launch the “Health Careers with Dr. Marn” podcast what the podcast is about, and how physician listeners can get involved.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Richard went into medicine and his path to anesthesiology
  • His time as a professor and employed physician at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City
  • Richard’s preparation and decision to leave Mount Sinai for solo private practice
  • How his personal networks allowed him to make a smoother transition, both clinically and business-wise
  • Factors leading to Richard’s successes in investments in real estate with his wife Jessica
  • Why Richard became interested in asset protection for the family assets
  • His experience with a firm with high pressure sales tactics and cookie-cutter deliverables
  • David’s advice to physicians to avoid the problems Richard experienced when looking for asset protection planning


David Mandell: Bio
Richard Marn: Bio
Health Careers with Dr. Marn