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Listen in as David chats with Trisha Talbot, real estate advisor and entrepreneur behind DocProperties. Trisha begins by explaining what her training, certifications, and experience in real estate were before launching her own firm.  She then relates her motivation to launch DocProperties and delves into the unique aspects of healthcare real estate and the challenges for physicians looking to own it.

Trisha then shares her answers to a few common questions she hears from physicians and discusses a typical first step for a doctor considering a new office or piece of real estate.  Finally, Trisha explains when a practice might consider selling a property, and important factors affecting that decision.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Trisha’s two real estate certifications (CCIM and MCR) the required coursework for each
  • Trisha’s career path in real estate and the various aspects in which she developed expertise
  • Why Trisha launched DocProperties
  • Why healthcare real estate is typically lumped in with “office” but has unique requirements
  • How parking and tenant improvements can be challenging issues for medical offices
  • What a “real estate consultant” does and why a physician might want to work with one
  • Common questions Trisha hears from physicians
  • Typically the best first step when considering a new medical office/real estate deal
  • When a practice should think about selling a property and important factors to consider before doing so
  • One takeaway Trisha thinks all physicians should know about real estate