We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor, providing our clients with objective and unbiased advice based on their individual needs. We strive to understand your objectives and your desired timeline for accomplishing them.

Institutional Approach
OJM uses a pension and endowment approach to money-management for the individual investor’s portfolio. This institutional approach seeks to minimize the effects of market volatility by utilizing alternative investments as part of a customized blend of wealth management strategies determined by our clients’ risk tolerance and long-term financial goals.

Tailored Advice
It is essential that your wealth advisor truly understands you, your goals and your unique situation. We pride ourselves on building this understanding through frequent interaction and communication. Your OJM wealth advisor works with you to evaluate investment options and develop a strategy customized to your circumstances. Our independence from any investment product is fundamental to our commitment to offering wealth management advice based on the needs, objectives and goals of our clients.

Safeguarding of Assets
We use institutional custodians, such as Charles Schwab® and TD Ameritrade®, to safeguard clients’ assets. While independent of these third-party firms, OJM is able to leverage a strong relationship with the custodians to enhance the level of service we deliver to our clients. Through the OJM Investment Management team, our clients are seamlessly connected to current information about assets in all segments of their portfolios and are easily able to direct trades and other transactions as needed.

Transparent Fee Structure
Our investment management fee is based on a percentage of assets managed. This fee structure is transparent, easy to understand and aligns our firm’s goals with those of our clients.

For the Long Haul
Our clients often find that as their wealth grows, the advice they require increases in complexity. Your OJM wealth advisor can draw on the expertise of our firm’s multi-disciplinary team to assist you in the areas of tax reduction, asset protection, insurance analysis, corporate structure and benefits, and overall financial planning.

OJM’s truly integrated wealth planning model can provide significant value by establishing a framework of long-term guidance and support as you work to achieve the financial objectives you have outlined for yourself, your family and your business.



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