We are a multidisciplinary firm with team members who have worked with over 1,000 clients in 47 states. We have written over 10 books on all aspects of wealth management. We are dedicated to the achievement of one goal — helping you build and preserve your wealth, while reducing taxes. 

We seek to earn your business and be your Financial Quarterback—your first call when you have a question concerning any financial matter.

At many firms, you get access to one or two advisors. With OJM, you get the benefit of a team of advisors with backgrounds in all the areas you need for a custom and comprehensive plan.

We work with you to manage, grow and protect your wealth, so it helps you achieve the lifestyle to which you aspire. We assist you with all aspects of your financial life. We help you develop, implement and maintain a complete plan that supports for all aspects of your financial well-being. 

Our Process will specifically help you with:

  • Investment/Wealth Management:
    • Review: what you have; what fees you are paying; and whether you are on track to hit your goals
    • Build wealth: create or tweak your long-term investing plan
    • Analyze: risk-based analysis to make sure your plan is customized to the amount of risk you are comfortable with and willing to take
    • Advise: customized advice: tailor your investment portfolio to your circumstances
    • Plan: design and implement a plan from the ground up if necessary
  • Asset Protection: determine how your wealth is currently exposed to lawsuits and educate on options to better shield your assets
  • Tax Planning: make sure your assets and investments are managed in a tax-efficient manner
  • Insurance Planning: review the policies you have in place to determine if you can better maximize your insurance for wealth, tax and protection planning.
  • Financial/Retirement Planning: incorporate the above, to calculate if you are on track to reach retirement on your terms

Our planning process is based on educating our clients. Clients who understand the how and why of their plans are better engaged and they sleep easier and have far fewer anxieties about their financial future. We work with many types of clients; physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners and individual investors. We will help you review a plan you have in place to make certain it delivers on your expectations; or we will build a plan tailored to you no matter where you are in your life.

Read through our professional bios, download our CVs, check out our books and publications and view our webcasts.  We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your unique situation, the background of our team members, and how we can help you attain your financial goals.



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