As we mentioned here, we are as comfortable working with a client on one or two areas of either corporate or personal planning as we are working on a more comprehensive engagement. 

The best wealth planning as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and takes time, specialization and effort.  If you are presently engaged in DIY planning by working with a host of separate and uncoordinated advisors, you are likely to have gaps in your planning.  You may also work with multiple advisors trying to solve the same problem with distinctly different tools and strategies, resulting in duplication of efforts and fees.

Do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

  1. You use a CPA for tax return preparation, an attorney for estate planning or asset protection, an insurance agent for life and disability insurance, an investment advisor for investments, a financial planner for college education planning or retirement modeling – but these advisors do not meet, or even speak by conference call regularly, to coordinate your planning.
  2. In addition to all of your career and family responsibilities, you are expected to evaluate the recommendations of the above advisors, coordinate their implementation and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  3. You have never paid for a second opinion on your tax returns from an outside non-competitive CPA, on your investments from an experienced portfolio manager, or on your personal asset protection planning or corporate structure from an outside attorney or consultant.

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