Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that close collaboration of advisors from a variety of disciplines is essential to providing superior advice to clients in today’s complex environment.  Because of this core philosophy, our consulting process is based on a multi-disciplinary approach where our professionals work together as a team. Although we employ some advisors with backgrounds as lawyers and accountants, we still work in conjunction, not in competition, with a client’s attorney or CPA, with the common goal of implementing the best ideas for the client.

Our Process

Education: Our planning process, whether tailored or comprehensive, is fundamentally designed to educate our clients about their present situation and options to improve it, including risks and rewards, costs and benefits.  An educated client is better equipped to make informed planning decisions.

Analysis: In addition to our role as educators, we are also advisors and we recognize that clients seek our advice.  We analyze our clients’ unique situations, evaluate planning alternatives and advise clients regarding their options and our recommendations for implementation.

Implementation: Unlike some consulting firms, we do not educate, analyze and then leave the client to implement chosen options on their own.  In fact, we are involved throughout the implementation process, either executing the planning recommendations directly with the client, or working with the client’s accountant or attorney to accomplish the objective. 

Scope of Engagement

The scope of services we provide depends entirely on the client’s wishes.  We are as comfortable looking at one particular issue (i.e., showing a client how to reduce taxes at their business or evaluating their personal investment portfolio) as we are becoming the “quarterback” for all aspects of the client’s financial life. 

Our team uniquely varied in our degrees/certifications, experience, and specialties, and because of this, we are able to consult in the areas outlined on our corporate and personal planning pages –individually, in some combination (i.e., Corporate Structure & Tax Reduction), or in a comprehensive engagement.



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